Our Beginning

The Petpak travel buddy was designed by a mother and her two children.  It was conceived out of necessity and born from love.  Featuring a plush pet, pillow, pouch, backpack, and tray; the Petpak is the perfect friend for any adventure loving kid. 

 In 2009 Marni Peters had to fly to Maryland from North Carolina with her 18 month old daughter and 3 month old son.  She had her 3 month old son swaddled to her chest and was trying to get her daughter settled in her seat.  She brought lots of toys to occupy her daughter, but they kept falling on the ground and because her son was “attached” to her, she could not bend down to pick them up.  Once airborne she sat back and closed her eyes and started to create the product that she needed… and that would eventually become the Petpak.  

Listen to the full story on How I built this with Guy Raz. (Our story is the last 5 mins of the podcast)

After bringing the Petpak to market she decided to expand her company and share her many adventures traveling with her kids. Stop by the iii-Idea Incubator Inc. blog and enjoy her short but fun stories.